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Amazon employees stage a ‘die-in’ at pride flag raising ceremony to protest sale of ‘transphobic’ books – twitchy.com


OK, this is just spectacularly stupid. To observe Pride Month, Amazon held a pride flag-raising ceremony at its Seattle headquarters, but about 30 employees staged a “die-in,” draping their corpses with transgender flags to protest the online retailer’s continued sale of transphobic books, like Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage.”

Check it out: There’s actually a company-sponsored group calling itself “Glamazon.”

Katherine Long writes:

Nearly 600 Amazon employees signed a petition earlier this year asking Amazon to stop selling the books “Irreversible Damage” and “Johnny The Walrus,” and to give workers more say over which books the company decides to stop selling. Employees say both books fall under Amazon’s 2021 ban on selling books framing transgender and other sexual identities as mental illnesses. Amazon’s decision to continue selling those books and others in the face of employee dissent has led some employees to resign.

“Irreversible Damage” author Abigail Shrier weighs in:

They really, really, really ought to quit if this is some a moral quagmire for them.


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