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Biden has a plan to get baby formula back on the shelves but the name of it will leave you scratching your head – twitchy.com


The White House announced today that President Biden is taking two actions to get baby formula back on the shelves as fast as possible.

Well, that’s good, if perhaps not a tad too long in coming.

Little bit.

Ohhh, we know this one! It’s because this administration has proven over and over gain that it truly does not care about the struggles of the American people (filled up your tank lately?).

Or it could also be that as a general rule a bloated federal government weighted down by bureaucracy and over-regulation is by nature incapable of a speedy and efficient response to a crisis, but we digress.

Questions of expediency aside, what’s with the name “Operation Fly Formula”? Who comes up with these things?

It IS pretty challenging to not think of actual flies. Or a name less appealing than a plan to feed America’s babies. Having said that, at least the administration is finally taking action, despite what we were told about their ability to do so.

That one took us by surprise, if we’re being perfectly honest.

There’s quite a bit of truth to that. Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum it’s obvious this is an issue that should have been addressed a while ago. Let’s hope these new measures go into effect quickly to get those babies fed.

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