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Bill de Blasio says Congress needs to pass a law to ‘reign in the spread of hate’ on Facebook and Twitter – twitchy.com


As Twitchy reported earlier, Google took down the Buffalo mass shooter’s manifesto — yes, AP, it was a manifesto — because it violated their policies on hate speech. That’s actually too bad, because we were learning a lot about the shooter and his motivations. He claimed to have been a communist just a couple of years earlier, and despite everyone from Joe Lockhart to Chuck Schumer blaming Fox News and Tucker Carlson for the shooting, he mentioned in his manifesto exactly what sources radicalized him — not Fox News (too Jewish), not Tucker Carlson (never mentioned), not Facebook, and not Twitter … it was initially Reddit forums and then websites like the Daily Stormer.

Former New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is leading the charge to “reign in the spread of hate” on Facebook and Twitter that had nothing to do with the shooting in Buffalo.

Funny how politicians immediately jump to the conclusion that we need more gun control and less free speech.


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