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Brandon Morse Destroys the Nazi ‘Plants’ Outside the SAS Event – RedState


I wrote yesterday about the “Nazis” who showed up outside the Turning Point SAS event in Tampa, Florida. They were trying to smear the event and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by carrying a DeSantis picture and a banner, when DeSantis wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t report how we had some of our own RedState folks down at the event, and one of them took on the crazy group. Our Deputy Managing Editor Brandon Morse went out and mocked the “Nazis” and had a few things to say about their effort, calling them “plants.”

I asked Brandon for his assessment of the group, which has been seen at some other events.

“While this group is allegedly Florida’s local Nazi group, it’s interesting that they seem to be attaching themselves to conservative movements that leftists hate the most,” Morse said. “Their DeSantis flag was still creased, meaning they only just now bought it, and even their poster boards had pictures on them that looked like memes from 4Chan. It has all the earmarks of being a leftist plant.”

Others also observed the newly creased flags.

Naturally, folks on the left tried to attach them to the conservative event and/or DeSantis. But it’s like what happened when the Lincoln Project pulled out the tiki torchbearers to try to smear Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, then the Democrats went down to a crushing and well-deserved defeat. It means that they know that they’re about to lose big time, and they’re pulling anything they can out of their tired bag of tricks to try to smear DeSantis and Republicans.

The generic ballot numbers are showing the red wave is coming, too— Jan. 6 hearings are a bust, and Democrats are not getting the bump in the enthusiasm they hoped they would get from the decision to overturn Roe. It’s a sign of desperation; you can almost feel them sweating.

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