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British police arrest man for the crime of ‘[causing] anxiety’ by posting LGBTQ+ flag meme on social media – twitchy.com


You know why the American Revolution happened? So that Americans would never have to be subjected to what people are apparently subjected to in Britain.

We’re talking about stuff like being arrested for thoughtcrime, which is what evidently happened to a 51-year-old man named Darren Brady who posted a meme on social media featuring LGBTQ+ flags arranged to look like a swastika and, in doing so, “caused anxiety”:

Paging George Orwell.

We’re not sure about the videographer being arrested, but a former police officer who tried to interfere in the arrest of Mr. Brady was arrested:

Harry Miller, a former police officer, was also arrested after claiming he had tried to prevent the former serviceman from being detained.

He told MailOnline: ‘Hampshire Police showed a blatant disregard of the law. They approached Mr Brady and acted as summary judge, jury and executioner – but didn’t know what offence he’d actually committed. They said he was being arrested for causing anxiety, which is utterly ridiculous!

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Miller.

More from the Daily Mail:

Writing on Twitter on Sunday, Mr Brady told his followers: ‘It’s nice to be able to enjoy a Sunday morning in peace without being harassed by Hampshire Police trying to extort money from me, or have me “re-educated” for sharing a meme on the Internet.’

Mr Brady shared the meme, which was originally posted by Laurence Fox, a 44-year-old actor turned campaigner, on social media.

Mr Fox said the image reflected his belief that LGBT pride month is ‘enforced with a sense of hectoring authoritarianism’.

Sounds like this Lawrence Fox fellow may be onto something, huh?



But for what it’s worth, Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones quite forcefully condemned the actions of the police who went after Brady:

As long as there are people willing to take a stand, there’s still hope that sanity will win out in the end.

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