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Can we just not with uterus-shaped breakfast cereal? – twitchy.com


You can always count on Twitter to dish up the crazy.

In this case, literally:

The Daily Mail has a story on Swedish feminine care company Intima, which has commissioned a uterus-shaped cereal in the hopes of “normalizing” conversations about menstruation at the breakfast table. We wish we were making this up.

From the article:

“A ‘uterus-shaped’ cereal has been launched with the goal of putting conversations about periods on the table.

Feminine care brand Intimina developed its raspberry-flavored ‘Period Crunch’ to encourage families to discuss menstruation more openly at breakfast. Despite being marketed as womb-shaped, the cereal actually resembles the entire female reproductive system.

The wheat-based cereal — a PR stunt which won’t actually ever go on sale — is dyed red to mimic the colour of blood.”

Yea, about that “color of blood” thing:


It’s a fair question. We’re not scientists but given our anecdotal experience with colored cereal over the years, we’re gonna have to say it’s a pretty safe bet that yes, it will turn the milk red. Or at least pink.

Which given the context here is pretty freaking gross.

Some people seemed to doubt the efficacy of using breakfast cereal to facilitate conversations about reproductive functions.

That would certainly explain a lot.

Same, here, Jean. Same here.

We’re old enough to remember a time when you just, you know ate your breakfast.


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