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Christina Pushaw has a simple message for this new green-card holder now dumping on the U.S. – twitchy.com


Johan Miranda, a self-described comic in Los Angeles, took to Twitter a few days ago to dump on the United States after “being undocumented for 30 years” and “finally” receiving his green card.

He tweeted:

“After being undocumented for 30 years I’ve finally been approved for a U.S. green card, which now in 2022 feels like scoring a ticket to the Titanic.”

And this came to the attention of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw who responded with this simple message for our new green-card holder:

“You can always leave.”

Oh, and a pro-tip. . .

Don’t come after Christina:

Another perfect response:

“Sure. And we have free will to mock anyone who criticizes a country that they came to illegally and chose to pursue citizenship. That’s how free speech works. So… If he thinks it’s like the Titanic, that is a shipwreck, so why would he stay on the ship?”



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