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DeSantis defeats Trump in Wisconsin GOP straw poll – twitchy.com


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has defeated former President Donald Trump in a straw poll at the Wisconsin state GOP convention on Saturday:

Gov. DeSantis received a plurality of the votes, with the former president a close second and Nikki Haley in third:


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More from Wisconsin Politics. . .

Total votes:

Ballots cast: 325

On if participants want Trump to run again:

Do you want Donald Trump to run for president in 2024?

Yes: 141
No: 103
Unsure: 72
No answer: 9

And who would you vote for if the 2024 primary was today:

If the 2024 GOP primary for president were held today, whom would you support?

Greg Abbott: 1
Charlie Baker: 0
Ben Carson: 6
Liz Cheney:  1
Chris Christie: 0
Tom Cotton: 1
Ted Cruz: 8
Ron DeSantis: 122
Nikki Haley: 24
Josh Hawley: 1
Larry Hogan: 2
John Kasich: 1
Kristi Noem: 2
Rand Paul: 8
Mike Pence: 8
Mike Pompeo: 6
Marco Rubio: 6
Ben Sasse: 2
Rick Scott: 2
Tim Scott: 6
Elise Stefanik: 0
Donald Trump: 104
Donald Trump Jr.: 7
Glenn Youngkin: 1
Ron Johnson: 1
Ron Paul: 1
No answer: 4

Of note, the Wisconsin GOP delegates also voted down a resolution “calling for the removal or Wisconsin’s electoral votes and the removal of [Rep. Robin Vos] as speaker:



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