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Even the Dems Are Coming for Biden Now – PJ Media


Now with sound effects!


In times like these, it’s important to enjoy life’s simple pleasures still. The Unwoke Magic Mescaline Pony is now our new mascot, and it has its own transition “music.”


We’re a day late this week because Kevin was traveling to a gig in Vegas on Wednesday. In this episode, we discuss the sheer pleasure we’re experiencing while watching the Democrats in the throes of buyer’s remorse over President LOL Eightyonemillion.

Oh, there’s no mention of what we were drinking this week because neither of us was enjoying an alcoholic beverage. It was my third multimedia recording of the day and I’d already hit my self-imposed modest limit during “Five O’Clock Somewhere” earlier in the day.

Thanks again to all who have been coming along for the all-access ride every week. Remember, if you want to get a glimpse of the other side of the Magic Mescaline Pony’s journey, you can subscribe here and use the promo code UNWOKE to receive a 25% discount on a VIP membership. You’ll love it, I promise.

Have fun!

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