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Organizers of Portland’s Antifa Summer Camp for Kids Go Quiet After Media Outlets Shine a Light on Them – PJ Media


PJ Media’s stories about Antifa’s kids’ summer camp designed to mold the next generation of rioters, monkey-wrenchers, and “social justice” warriors, are now being echoed by some of the nation’s biggest media outlets, and something interesting is happening. Portland’s Leftist screechers are suddenly going quiet.

Antifa’s Budding Roses summer camp for kids took down its Facebook page featuring photos, artwork, and curricula from camps in previous years as independent journalist Andy Ngo noted after stories like ours called them out. The group’s seldom used Instagram page is still up, however.

The group even took down previously featured photos of its counselors affiliated with the Black Rose Anarchist Federation. Oddly, the Black Rose Anarchist Federation seemed to distance itself from this year’s camp but says it still supports organizers. Black Rose/Rosa Negra wrote on its Twitter account that “recent media scrutiny has put a right-wing target on Budding Roses, a free summer camp in Portland…” And then the group distanced itself from the program it inspired and supported, saying, “While Budding Roses is now a project independent of our organization, we’re supportive of the work that they do.”

These communists don’t expect actual targeting; instead, they consider criticism tantamount to a physical attack. As we’ve seen, the Antifa/Anarchist crowds don’t like journalists who show the public what and who they are. And as I’ve said for years, Antifa says it stands for anti-fascism, but it’s really just an acronym for anti-first amendment.

The free camp is subsidized with in-kind donations and private donations such as those on GoFundMe, a social media site that refuses in many cases to allow people with other views, such as Canadian truckers, to use its platform.

The group advertises on GoFundMe that donors support “a free, radical social justice summer camp in East Portland for youth in 3rd-9th grade. For four summers, we have provided two-week summer camps including workshops on social justice issues, art projects, outdoor recreation, and free meals and school supplies. For the past two years, we created COVID-safe ‘Camp Kits’ and delivered them to 70 families so our campers could continue learning and creating together even while socially-distanced. Now we need your help to host our first in-person camp in two years!”

After the initial media pushback on the radical summer camp, organizers would only reveal the location of the camp to registered campers starting July 25.

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In this photo from the group’s then-public Facebook page, a 2018 Budding Roses camp counselor explains part of the pedagogy the group uses to teach its fledgling black bloc youth about the Left’s high holy day, May Day.

Facebook screenshot

I’ve reported on this camp since 2019 on my website and later here at PJ Media.


In 2018, the summer camp won a grant from the City of Portland for being such a swell diversion for Antifa’s version of Hitler youth. The city gave the award noting the group’s effort to replicate the Black Panther breakfast program of old. At the glittery annual celebration for grantees, two female camp organizers “thanked” the city by giving a lecture about the city’s lack of wokeness.

In my 2021 PJ Media piece about the City of Portland’s support of the camp, I wrote:

The City of Portland has given the group space to conduct its in-person camp at a local park, and in 2018 granted the summer camp the “Spirit of Portland Award” for the nonprofit initiative of the year. The program is said to be inspired by the “Black Panthers free breakfast program,” according to an official who bestowed the 2018 prize. The reason was the shared goal “to engage critically with social justice issues… in collaboration with the Burgerville Workers Union, Critical Resistance PDX (an anti-law enforcement group), Food Not Bombs…”

Two white women accepted the award – “Our goal is to empower the voices of youth especially those most affected by white supremacy and patriarchy” – but only after castigating Ted Wheeler and the Portland Police Bureau over its “restrictive protest policy.” This may explain why the group appears to be scrubbed from the city’s 2018 honorees page, though the group proudly carries the speech on its Facebook page. You know, the same Facebook that is busy censoring right-leaning groups and “fact-checking” anything remotely right-wing.

At least one church has even given the communist black bloc group space to conduct its summer camp.

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At camp, kids learn how to blockade buildings, sing old Woody Guthrie tunes, free animals, hate cops, chant Black Lives Matter slogans, organize their own protests, and study the differences between tear gas and CS gasses.

Budding Roses

Here’s a typical chant taught to the little tykes.

The Whole Damn System
Is Guilty as Hell
Indict! Convict!
Put Those Killer Cops in Jail!
The Whole Damn System
Is Guilty as Hell!

What a uniquely Portland skillset.

Antifa and BLM protesters haven’t been this quiet since before the 2016 election when nobody but the Germans knew or cared who they were.

They aren’t shy. They’ve overtly bullied, beaten, and gotten institutional Portland buy-in to shut down and silence people who hold other views. It’s been happening for years, as I’ve explained here at PJ Media.

I’ve reported on the Portland Professional Protester™ movement since at least 2004 and on Antifa specifically since 2016 when their black bloc contingent beat up videographer Mike Strickland at a BLM rally to force him to stop reporting on them. When he refused to leave, they sent another contingent to beat him again. This time, he pulled his legally concealed pistol and stopped them without firing a shot. This being Portland, Leftist protesters miraculously became “victims,” and Strickland was prosecuted and jailed for pointing his gun at his attackers. Undercover police were present and did nothing to help Strickland.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo was beaten three times by these balaclava-shrouded terrorists. Some of the same people hunted Ngo down and then beat him on the streets of Portland. He got away inside a posh downtown Portland hotel where staff were anything but pleased to help him. Police aren’t helpful in finding his attackers.

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These are the tactics the kids are being taught, if not this summer, then when they’re older. Maybe at that point, they’ll join the group that got the inspiration for its name from Middle Eastern terror groups, the PNW Youth Liberation Front. Their motto is, “Punch fash, skip class!” “Fash” is short for fascists. Here’s a pro-tip: that’s you and anyone else who doesn’t agree with tearing down statues and erasing history like ISIS.

It seems odd that these violent boors would go quiet now. Maybe Portland is finally getting sick of these ticks.

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