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Taylor Lorenz rages at Matt Yglesias over his jokes about Covid on Father’s Day – twitchy.com


Lib writer Matt Yglesias announced on Sunday that he’s tested positive for Covid:

But then he dared joke about it. First with this tweet saying, “Frankly, I think the virus should respect Father’s Day more than this”:

And then with this one saying “all future typos are due to long Covid”:

Well, this didn’t sit well with the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz. She rage-tweeted:

I’m glad it’s a joke for u Matt and that you’re lucky enough to get access to great care, but for those who have had their lives destroyed by the virus and who have had loved ones die from or suffer w/ LC it’s not funny. Hope you can have a little more empathy, especially today.”

She’s the joke police now!

She added:

“I know and I get that he’s joking, but for many it’s not something they can laugh at. I’m just saying let’s all have a little love and empathy toward each other today 💓 (and hope u get well soon Matt!)”

David Knowles, Editorial Senior Manager at @YahooNews, called her out over the tweets:

But she got mad at him, too:

“That people are suffering with Long Covid? WaPo has covered it many times. Thinking of everyone out there who lost their fathers or can’t be with family bc of COVID, hope you can too.”

Yeah. We read it just a tad differently than she did, too:


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