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Ted Cruz makes Assistant AG squirm with questions about DOJ ignoring protesters harassing SCOTUS Justices outside their homes – twitchy.com


When Justice Samuel Alito’s draft decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was leaked, pro-abort radicals took it as a green light to harass, intimidate, and threaten conservative Supreme Court Justices. And that’s exactly what pro-abort radicals did. Groups like Ruth Sent Us and Jane’s Revenge posted the addresses of conservative justices and encouraged their followers to take action.

Well, activists did take action. In June, one of those activists was arrested for possessing weapons with the intent to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and, as we recently found out, two other justices. Meanwhile, pro-aborts — including many Democratic politicians — don’t seem to be deterred by their rhetoric being taken to extremes. And Joe Biden’s Justice Department doesn’t seem to be too concerned about preventing more extremists from taking dangerous and potentially deadly actions.

Well, for what it’s worth, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is calling out the DOJ today:

So, according to Polite, “to date, there has been one prosecution.” One. That’s a genuine outrage. And Cruz is right to be outraged.

It’s the DOJ that’s wrong. They’re definitely sending a message by effectively ignoring the conduct of angry mobs who descended on Supreme Court Justices homes night after night, and that message is that the DOJ isn’t going to do a damn thing, so have at it.

Since when is it acceptable for the arc of justice to bend in only one direction?

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