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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week: July 25-31, 2022


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Like it or not, this week is bound to be chaotic. Summer is heating up faster than anyone expected and the tension is finally coming to a head. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of July 25 to July 31, know that you’re not the only ones dealing with drama. Even though your burden may feel extra heavy, you’re *this* close to a major breakthrough!

You may feel more argumentative than usual this week, so remember to think before you speak. Take a deep breath before you do something you regret. On July 26, mental Mercury will square off with aggressive Mars, increasing the chances of impulsive encounters. Try not to jump to conclusions, because the way you respond to your situation will shape the outcome. As a new moon in creative and enthusiastic Leo unfolds on July 28, you’re finding the courage to choose yourself. It’s time to make a decision to live your life in a way that makes *you* happy. Screw everything else, because the drama isn’t worth it.

If you can avoid getting sucked into the pettiness, you’ll be in a better position to retain your energy and make decisions from a place of clarity. As revolutionary Uranus joins forces with the North Node of Destiny on July 31, the world is undergoing a massive renovation. An unexpected shift may ripple throughout your life, urging you to make a change. Trust in your heart, because the universe is taking over the wheel.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why this week could be a rather confronting experience:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week

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If you’re feeling exhausted, it’s no wonder. The astrology of July has been a pressure-cooker of intensity and you’ve been getting the brunt of it. This week, you might feel more frustrated than usual, especially as Mercury squares off with Mars in Taurus on July 26, which could increase the chances of an argument with a close loved one. It may be time to call in a family meeting so the matter can be discussed calmly and rationally. On July 31, Uranus will also form a conjunction with the North Node of Destiny in your zodiac sign, which may lead to unexpected delays, interruptions and eventually, a major change of plans. Don’t be afraid to adjust for the shifting currents, Taurus.

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You might feel more socially withdrawn than usual, Virgo. After all, the sun is still taking its leave in your 12th house of spirituality, which may make you feel like shutting the curtains and embracing your inner hermit. Nothing wrong with that at all! But as a new moon in Leo kicks things up a notch in your subconscious 12th house as of July 28, your dreams may become more vivid (and even haunting). Make no mistake—your intuition is trying to tell you something! If you’re feeling emotional, confused and even sleepy, that’s only because your body is slowing down so your spirit has time to catch up. Be patient with yourself, sweet Virgo.

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You’ve been sorting through the skeletons in your closet lately, Scorpio. You’ve been embracing introspection and looking inward, so continue taking time to understand what is and isn’t working for your life. As the Uranus-North Node conjunction on July 31 places pressure on your seventh house of partnerships, you may find yourself realizing that certain relationship patterns are preventing you from becoming your best self. Let go of resentments with enemies and toxic attachments to people who hurt you. That’s always easier said than done, but the truth is, you deserve so much better, Scorpio. It’s time to embrace a relationship you truly deserve. And if you play your cards right, that relationship could happen much sooner than expected.

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