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Tik Tok Star Dixie D’Amelio Talks New Album, Charli, Noah Beck, Puma – WWD


With her first album dropping today, TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio will be sharing some of her new music at Puma’s flagship in New York.

The title, “a letter to me,” is also a song in the album and one of her favorites. “It really felt like it embodied the entire album, because I am talking to myself. I am trying to figure out, which direction I’m going on in life.”

Tik Tok Star Dixie D’Amelio Talks

A glimpse of the new album cover for “a letter to me.”
Photo by LindseyRuth/Courtesy

Asked if it is difficult to not always be thinking of herself given her line of work as and massive following — 57.3 million followers on TikTok and 25 million on Instagram — the 20-year-old said, “There’s definitely a balance for everything in life. Just being around my family and having them in my life is so important. They are always there for me.”

She and her younger sister Charli are undeniably serious influencers. So much so, that even Dixie D’Amelio really doesn’t know why they resonate so much with the masses. “I feel like people like seeing how close we are as sisters, and enjoy watching our videos,” she said with a laugh. “But I really don’t have a straight answer. I appreciate it so much though. I love that I’m able to connect with people.”

Hosting the YouTube talk show “The Early Late Night Show” is another pursuit. To stay balanced, Dixie D’Amelio keeps focused on herself and her mental health, and makes sure to be thinking about the people around her even if she “isn’t 100 percent there,” she said. “You never know what somebody else is going through.”

This month, the social media star is going on tour as the opener for Big Time Rush. “Definitely, music is my biggest priority now, going along with modeling and fashion. I feel like I can find a way to connect everything. I’ve been having so much fun doing that,” D’Amelio said, adding that stylist Mimi Cuttrell is helping to distinguish her concert attire from her everyday style.

Before signing up as a Puma ambassador more than a year ago, D’Amelio “loved” the brand, since its Rihanna days. The musician described her style as “a mix” that relays “I’m young. This isn’t permanent but I love what I’m doing. I’m so excited to grow and create new things.”

Puma, of course, isn’t the only powerhouse label cashing in on her social media prowess. Burberry and Valentino have enlisted her a few times. “Everyone I work with and the brands that I wear are people that I love, who have been supportive and kind to me.”

Since graduating from high school in 2020, she is “just chilling right now, working on music, modeling and things like that.” Having relocated to Los Angeles from Norwalk, Connecticut, D’Amelio has been surprised to learn how much goes into a single song, piece of clothing or performance. “There are so many people behind-the-scenes, who you never get to see. That’s the coolest thing,” she said.

As much as she loves West Coast living and its balmy weather, the multitalent definitely misses the food on the East Coast.

She and her sister recently spoke out publicly about how their parents Marc and Heidi don’t control their lives. “My parents have their own lives. My dad has his own job. We’re just so close as a family and are always supporting each other. It is hard, when people might say negative things to them. They’re my favorite people in the world — my entire family.”

Her father ran for a Republican state senate seat a few years ago, and has worked in the apparel industry throughout his career. Through his sales job at Mitchell & Ness, D’Amelio grew up around fashion and observed how he operates. His insights about design and marketing proved valuable, when she and her sister started Social Tourist, a clothing label available through Hollister Co., she said. “He’s been there every step of the way — not telling me what to do, just giving me guidance, which is the best thing that anyone could have.”

Asked if she sees herself as working in sales in that she isn’t just connecting with people but selling products, D’Amelio said, “With the industry that I’m in, I’m always marketing myself. I never really look too deep into it because it is my life. I’m just living it with all this craziness going on around me. I guess [I’m in sales,] but I never really think of it like that.”

Tik Tok Star Dixie D’Amelio Talks

The musician and influencer tries to have fun with her personal style.
Photo by Alex Harper/Courtesy

Despite strangers asking for selfies and wanting to say hello, she feels as though she definitely still has a lot of privacy. “Things are just different. I don’t think it’s a negative thing. That’s also just a part of growing up.”  D’Amelio said. “I think that’s so crazy that people want to meet me, watch my videos or listen to my music. I love it though. It’s so fun to meet people, who watch me or enjoy what I do.”

Adoring fans might be surprised to learn how shy the D’Amelio sisters are. “You would never guess that, since we put ourselves online all the time,” Dixie D’Amelio said. “It takes a little while for us to open up and be our true selves. When people meet us, they will say, ‘Oh, you’re really shy.’ Or [that we are] a lot shorter than they thought we were. I’m 5’6”.”

As for what the average fan might not know about her TikToking boyfriend Noah Beck — it’s “how sweet he is. He’s always sweet online. But in-person he’s just the nicest person. That’s what a lot of people say about him,” she said.

Outside of TikTok, D’Amelio’s hidden talent is being able to play the piano with her toes. “That’s probably my best one,” she said. “I can also jump rope and pogo stick at the same time.”

The musical talents came to be as a result of boredom and chillin’ in her backyard. “I wanted to play the violin and play the piano at the same time, so I learned how to play with my toes,” she explained.



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