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Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia: Knowledge Sharing



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In December 2012, the OECD launched a project on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia (PDF).  Building on the work of the OECD Green Cities Programme, this project explores ways to foster green growth in fast-growing cities in Asia, and is composed of:

 The following reports were conducted within the framework of this project:


Synthesis report

Case studies

Over 2013-15, several knowledge sharing activities and events were conducted under the project framework, with the support of the OECD Knowledge Sharing Alliance (KSA):


Knowledge sharing  will be critical to foster urban green growth. Cities in dynamic Asia urgently need to adopt or strengthen a green growth model that takes into account specific local circumstances (rapid urbanisation, industrialisation and motorisation, fast economic growth, widespread informal settlements, vulnerability to environmental risks, etc.).

Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia city photo (UGGiDA)

At the same time, there is much to be gained from the sharing of expertise among cities within Asia as well as between Asian cities and other relevant actors, such as national governments, OECD cities outside Asia, city networks and institutions for development co-operation. However, to date, knowledge sharing for urban green growth has been extremely limited.Knowledge sharing can bring benefits to all the stakeholders through peer-to-peer learning on equal footing. These activities can provide evidence-based policy advice to help bridge the knowledge gap and inform decision-making. Asian cities and national governments could mutually learn from each other and therefore better design and implement urban green growth policies. 

Meanwhile, institutions for development co-operation could support cities and countries in dynamic Asia more effectively by sharing their accumulated knowledge and tailoring their activities to specific local needs.


Knowledge-sharing Platform

Building on the work in 2013-14 and operating under a strengthened co-operation framework, through  the Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia Knowledge-Sharing Platform in 2014-15, the OECD invited city governments, national governments, city networks and institutions for development co-operation to participate.


To facilitate knowledge exchange between:

  • Participating cities, including city networks, on urban green growth
  • Participating cities and national governments
  • Cities in dynamic Asia and institutions for development co-operation who support implementation and the OECD


The primary output of the Platform was an increased and shared understanding of what urban green growth entails in the specific local contexts of the participating organisations, and especially in the host cities, leading to more effective design and implementation of urban green growth policies.



Knowledge-sharing activities

Previous knowledge sharing activities and events were conducted under the project framework, with

the support of the OECD KSA:


ADB workshop group
Event Documents Date Location
OECD-ADB Joint Workshop on Green Growth in Fast-Growing Asian Cities Agenda February 2013 Manila, Philippines
Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia Agenda May 2013 Stockholm, Sweden
The Conceptual Framework on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia Agenda February 2014 Bangkok, Thailand
Knowledge Sharing Workshop: Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia Agenda February 2014 Surabaya, Indonesia
The Conceptual Framework on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia Agenda March 2014 Jakarta, Indonesia
Policy Forum on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia from Concept to Implementation Agenda / Summary report June 2014 Paris, France
1st workshop: Urban Green Growth and Climate Change Resilience in Bangkok Agenda, Summary report August 2014 Bangkok, Thailand
Japan-OECD Policy Forum on Urban Development and Green Growth Agenda October 2014 Tokyo, Japan
Mayors Forum: Urban Green growth in Dynamic Asia Agenda October 2014 Kitakyushu, Japan
2nd workshop: Spatial Development Strategies in Iskandar Malaysia: How to Plan, Manage and Maintain Local Assets Under Rapid Urbanisation Agenda, Summary report November 2014 Iskandar Malaysia, Malaysia
3rd workshop: Smart Cities and Green Growth Agenda, Summary report May 2015 Bandung, Indonesia
4th workshop :Green Growth in Port Cities Agenda, Summary report June 2015 Hai Phong, Viet Nam
Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF 6) Agenda October 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia
5th workshop: Creating a Sustainable and Resilient Cebu: Land Use, Water and Metropolitan Governance in the Context of Rapid Urbanisation Agenda, Summary report December 2015 Cebu, Phillippines
COP21 side event : Green Growth and Sustainable Urban Development    December 2015 Paris, France
Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum (OECD) Agenda November 2016 Paris, France 


These pilot activities confirmed that knowledge sharing can help to ensure the coherence of the urban green growth initiatives of different actors and to share best practices among cities with similar challenges. Participants agreed to explore further effective options for knowledge sharing on urban green growth, in particular, highlighting the importance of engaging into city-to-city collaboration and knowledge sharing with institutions for development co-operation, through peer learning.




For more information please contact Tadashi Matsumoto (Tadashi.matsumoto@oecd.org).



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