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Videos from The Recount show what 8 news outlets were covering vs. 1 outlier (which will get higher ratings?) – twitchy.com


The primetime hearing of the House’s January 6th Committee took place Thursday night, and from the look of things Rep. Liz Cheney was one of the stars of the show (judging from the reaction at one outdoor watch party).

As you might know, Fox News received some criticism for not directly airing the hearing, but they did talk about it during regular programming while the hearing was broadcast on Fox Business Channel.

The Recount attempted to ostracize Fox News with this big compare & contrast:

Considering what story much of the media worked to bury this week, that “journalism” triggering doesn’t hold water:

It will definitely be interesting to see the ratings of all these individual media outlets against what Fox News offered.

The MSM’s sheep mentality is alive and well.



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