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Like many businesses, America’s gun manufacturers are feeling the deleterious effects of Bidenflation. Gun manufacturers, however, are additionally subject to the left’s ire and misplaced wrath over “gun violence.” After most horrific shooting tragedies, that wrath comes with the inevitably hysterical demands to ban “assault” guns and add even more stringent federal regulations on gun ownership while simultaneously vilifying all gun owners along with the entire gun industry and its workers.

At long last, one American gun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, has had enough. Smith & Wesson — one of America’s oldest gun manufacturers since 1852 — is hitting back against the left’s gun hysteria and villainization in no uncertain terms.

Smith & Wesson’s just-released “Who We Are” video hits back by clearly defining not only who they are as a company but, more importantly, who their employees are — hardworking, freedom-loving Americans. No more will Smith & Wesson allow the left to define or distort who they are. They are proud of their company and their product. They’re proud of their employees, and they’re proud of who they are as Americans.

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But the beauty of “Who We Are” isn’t just that it speaks for Smith & Wesson; the beauty is it speaks for all Americans, each and every one of us out here hanging on to the hope and the promise of what our great nation was and will be again if we have anything to say about it. “Who We Are” is one minute and ten seconds of everything that is right and good and true about America and Americans who make and own guns. Steeped in rich images of Old Glory, hard work, and history, the video speaks a language many of us are thirsty to hear — “faith,” “freedom,” “responsibility,” “honor,” and “dedication”:

This is who we are.

From the very beginning and every workday since and every shift and every individual effort we carry a common purpose, a common cause, passed down to us and preserved by a shared responsibility knowing behind every product we build is your faith in us.

It’s a duty we proudly honor to continually improve, innovate, and deliver for your right to defend, protect, and thrive. Knowing these values and our way of life provides strength and the confidence to secure what matters most to you.

Dedicated to the craft of gun making. Dedicated to your freedom. Quality, security, and the promise of this great country.

Smith & Wesson. Empowering Americans.

So the next time you feel disheartened or alone in the long, hard fight against the left, remember “Who We Are” — we’re hardworking, freedom-loving Americans. Remember, too, that no matter how the left spins it, nearly every horrific mass shooting committed by an unhinged criminal or crazy person is eventually stopped primarily by another American with a gun because that’s who we are; we are Americans with the right to defend, protect, and prosper.

As the Smith & Wesson workers’ shirts say, “Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough Teams Do.” So it’s high time we remember that there are still way more of us on tough Team America than there are of them on leftist Team Hate America — no matter how they try to pretend otherwise. And best of all,  November is coming.

WATCH the Smith & Wesson “Who We Are” video in its entirety below or here:

NOTE:  PJ Media reached out to Smith & Wesson for comment however no reply was received before publication.

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