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Losses for President Moon’s party.We’re covering losses for President Moon Jae-in’s celebration in Seoul and Busan and the most recent

guidance on the AstraZeneca vaccine. Oh Se-hoon, 2nd from right, on Tuesday.Ahn Young-Joon/Associated Press Seoul race shocks President Moon’s party Conservative opposition candidates won in 2 mayoral races viewed as a referendum on President Moon Jae-in and a bellwether for next year’s governmental contest.Oh Se-hoon&, individuals Power Celebration candidate, beat Park Young-sun in Seoul by a margin of more than 18 percentage points, according to voting outcomes

. The Seoul mayor is considered South

explained a”possible link”with rare blood clots.It was a setback for the world’s most extensively utilized vaccine and a blow to more than 100 nations counting on it, especially the global south. Europe’s medical regulator stopped short of advising that the use of the vaccine be curbed in the bloc.U.K. and European regulators both said that it was possible that a little number of blood embolisms were